Residential, London

        For this project in the Courtfield Gardens area of Kensington the new owner approached us looking to reduce the amount of bedroom accommodation and instead focus on her passion for painting and create a gallery mezzanine providing a new perspective for her to concentrate on her art.

        The existing space had been divided into a maximum number of bedrooms, and the resulting rooms were disproportionate and uncomfortable. We noted the painstaking effort made over the years to upkeep the heritage styling, yet at the same time sabbotaging the original architecture.

        To bring back the majesty of old we returned the living space to it’s original volume, creating a single steel bringing mezzanine that provided a gallery floor as well as tucking a new kitchen and guest facilities beneath. Together with our client we enjoyed the idea of inserting the new element while leaving and adapting the orgininal ceiling mouldings, rather that removing them completely. We felt it was a heroic gesture to keep these historical details.

        Working with steel allowed us to reduce the thickness of the new structure to a minumum while avoiding any new loads on this six storey mansion block.

Structural Engineer: Foster Structures
Building Control: Assent
Building Surveyor: Earl Kendrick
Contractor: Penny Black Construction Ltd